Configuring WINS, DNS and DHCP on Access Servers

Nov 26, 2017 Using the ZebraNet Print Server Web Page to configure a The ZebraNet Print Server supports (HTTP) communications and will display a web page when accessing the printer's IP Address. From this web page, the user can set the printer configurations. Procedure Assigning a static IP Address using the printers’ web page. Launch Internet Explorer or Google Chrome and type in the IP address of the printer Configure the IP Address of a WINS Server Manually To connect from a virtual machine to a WINS server that is not set up on the host system, you must manually configure the IP address of the WINS server. You can use this procedure for Windows 2000, XP, 2003 Server, NT, Me, and 9x guest operating systems.

DNS/WINS Settings Help

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When you configure a WINS server setting in Tomato (if it's like every other firmware where I've seen the option) all you're doing is point WINS requests towards a WINS server to be resolved. If you don't have a WINS server in your network, putting an IP address in that setting really doesn't do anything.

WINS is not implemented over IPv6. The WINS name is the Hostname in the Name/Domain section on this page. These settings are also used in Job Accounting to display user host names instead of addresses. For more information, see the Job Accounting Help. Primary WINS Server Address - Enter the IP address for the primary WINS name server. A value