Step 4: Click Change Windows SmartScreen settings link. Step 5: When it prompts with an option for how you want Windows SmartScreen to handle unrecognized apps. Select Don't do anything to turn off Windows SmartScreen option. Or select Warn before running an unrecognized app, if it was disabled accidentally, then click OK.

The SmartScreen Filter in Windows 10 is designed to automatically scan Websites, Apps, Files and Downloads for potentially harmful content as determined by Microsoft’s servers. When you enable SmartScreen Filter on your computer, it sends information about your downloads to Microsoft’s servers where this information will be analyzed and Apr 18, 2019 · “Windows Defender SmartScreen uses information from Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and Windows users around the world as well as anti-virus results, download volumes, download history, URL Jan 02, 2018 · SmartScreen checks files that you download from the web against a list of reported malicious software sites and programs known to be unsafe. If it finds a match, SmartScreen will warn you that the download has been blocked for your safety. Feb 01, 2019 · SmartScreen is a security feature that was introduced in Internet Explorer 8 to help protect against malicious websites. In Windows 8.1 it was introduced to the desktop level and warn you before

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