pfSense DNSBL Whitelisting to Unblock Specific Sites

5 Tips To Help Get The Most Out of pfSense - HomeTechHacker Get notified when someone connects to your OpenVPN server. As I mentioned earlier, VPN support … Blocking Websites for Free with pfSense - Netlife You can override external DNS by adding a redirect entry for the website you want to block, in actual fact this works with any solution and not just pfSense, you simply add the host you want to block for example and then give it an IP address that goes nowhere or you could redirect it to a page hosted somewhere inside your

The user who is in the group will be blocked for the websites. Go to IPsmenu and add IP address into the group that you want to block. Expect these “” ip address everybody can go to everywhere like “facebook,twitter,google etc”. Now, we will test the service and see if it works or not.

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Dec 15, 2015

my question is how about torrent files there are websites that you can able to download torrent files instead blocking the website address. thanks Popular Topics in pfSense