The HTTP/2 full-proxy architecture provides greater network efficiency by allowing the BIG-IP system to transport multiple simultaneous, bi-directional streams of messages between the client and server. This is accomplished through the use of the BIG-IP system’s message-routing proxy, instead of the traditional connection-oriented TCP proxy.

What is a Proxy? DevCentral On the client side, BIG-IP can also be a forward proxy. In this case, the client connects to the BIG-IP on an outbound request and the proxy acts on behalf of the client to the outside world. This is perfect for things like client side caching (grabbing a video and storing locally), filtering (blocking certain time-wasting sites or malicious content) along with privacy (masking internal resources) along with security. Setting a proxy connection on the server When you install BigFix V9.2, you are asked if you want to set up communication with a proxy. If you did not configure the connection to the proxy at installation time or if you want to modify the existing configuration, you can edit the proxy configuration settings after installation by … (Updated) Top 100 Proxy Site List 2020 - Unblock Proxy

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