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Ancient China: the Classical Era - 100 CE (PREMIUM UNIT

List of Chinese wars and battles - Wikipedia 23 AD: Battle of Kunyang: Liu Xiu overthrows the Xin dynasty and restores the Han dynasty (as the Eastern Han dynasty). 73 AD: Battle of Yiwulu: Han forces defeat the Xiongnu. 89 AD: Battle of Ikh Bayan: Han forces defeat the Xiongnu. 40-43 AD: Han suppression of the Trung sisters' rebellion Opinion | How China corralled 1 million people into

China’s “Golden Age”: The Song, the Mongols, and the Ming Voyages: This period of Chinese history, from roughly 600-1600 C.E., is a period of stunning development in China. From the Tang (discussed in the unit on the Tang Dynasty) through the "pre-modern" commercial and urban development of the Song, ca. 1000, to the Ming voyages of

Ancient tombs and hundreds of objects dating back to