Connect a computer to the router with a network cable. Open an Internet browser. Type in the router's IP address and then enter the user name and password for the router. Look at the settings and see if you have WEP and MAC filtering enabled. If you have WEP enabled you will have to enter the correct WEP key on any computer connecting wirelessly.

What to Do When Your Computer or Phone Can’t Connect to a Jul 04, 2017 How to Fix Your Internet Connection: 15 Steps (with Pictures) Jun 24, 2020 Laptop will not connect to the internet using Wireless

Aug 12, 2017 · How To Fix wifi is not Connecting and Not Working on my laptop windows 10 Easy classes look here friends as i said the red icon is changed top lan signal and now you can access wireless internet

Mar 26, 2020

Why my acer laptop wireless internet is not working

My laptop won't connect to our wireless router?but other I have a problem with my laptop connecting to my router. It seems as if my laptop is the only one that will not connect to the router all of my roommates laptop connect perfectly. Also, my wifi switch forcould be working, when i switched it to on before it would have a light, now when i … Why is the Internet continuously connecting and disconnecting? Tip. If you have another computer, smartphone, or tablet that uses the same Internet connection, use it to test if there's a connection or computer issue. If all devices on your network have the same problem, that indicates an issue with the cable or DSL modem, network router, or ISP.If only one computer is disconnecting and reconnecting, it's likely a problem with the computer. Solved: Desktop won't connect to internet | Tech Support Guy